Day 1/30

First day!!!!!!!! I’m not sure how many exclamation marks I’ll be using by day six or seven, but I wanted to start out positively. Last night I baked a Southwestern Frittata, which I got here:

It was tasty but I used a pan that was bigger than used in the recipe so the eggs were thinner and not as fluffy as they could be. We also used ground turkey instead of the recommended ground beef and we’ll go with the beef next time for sure. Overall we liked the flavor and put it on the “eat again” list. We both had large slices and will have it again Tuesday and Wednesday, if possible.

For lunch we both had salads. Mine had cherry tomatoes, carrots, chicken and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I had some blueberries and a peach on the side. It was good but I’m going to double the size for tomorrow. My husband had lunch at Panera Bread — did you know they have a hidden menu that is pretty close to Paleo? Check it out: He got the steak lettuce wraps sans pesto and said it was tasty.

Dinner was grilled Jennie-O turkey burgers. The ingredient list looked okay to us, maybe with the exception of “natural flavorings.” I roasted about 12 ounces of broccoli in EVOO and tossed it with Monteal Steak seasoning (love that stuff!). We also cooked up some onions for on top of the burgers (can I just say the smell of onions sautéing in coconut oil is AMAZING?) and added some sliced cherry tomatoes in place of ketchup. We liked all of the parts of the meal and scarfed it down. We’re both a little hungry but don’t have any snack foods plus snacking is discouraged; the idea is that in time, our bodies will figure out how much we need to eat and we’ll be satisfied from meal to meal. I’m looking forward to that part.

My husband says he has a headache, but he gets on just about every day so I don’t think that’s part of Whole30. I think it’s too soon for us to be feeling any differently because we ate fairly well before, with the exception of dinner which usually consisted of a meat with a sweet sauce (BBQ, teriyaki, etc) with a starchy side (potatoes, rice, quinoa). We’re both tired but that’s because our cat gets lonely at 2am and likes to wake us up to cuddle 🙂

Have you done a Whole30? How did you start off? Where did you find your recipes? I’d be glad for any tips!


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