Prep Day

I’ll start with yesterday. My husband and I spent an unprecedented TWO HOURS shopping for food, not to mention the 45 minutes we spent beforehand planning out our meals and writing a shopping list. I looked to the Whole9 forums and Pinterest for inspiration. We live just outside Philadelphia and have access to pretty much every grocery store chain on the east coast and we live less than 15 minutes away from Giant, SuperFresh, Acme, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. We usually shop at Giant (it’s closest) but yesterday we checked out Trader Joe’s first (we wanted to head to a farmer’s market but it being 7pm on Sunday, there were none open). The prices at TJ are supposed to be lower than most regular grocery stores so we gave it a shot. What we found is that they have lots of great organic produce and specialty products at reasonable prices but with our entry-level salaries, we’re going to stick with Giant. The larger stores can afford to have more variety, too, and we are BIG fans of the one-stop shop (but we will hopefully make it to a farmer’s market for this next week).

Spices etc

Spices etc

We’ll definitely need to use these spices because most sauces and condiments are OUT. And coconut oil is the Whole30 preferred cooking oil. It’s new to me so we’ll see how that goes!



Our haul, just the stuff that doesn’t go in the fridge.



Delicious and forbidden!




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