What is Whole30?

Whole30 has been growing in popularity among bloggers and fans of the Paleo diet. What is it? Glad you asked! Whole30 is a thirty day challenge where your food habits, sweet/salty cravings and “health food” assumptions are broken down, reassembled, and built into something new and awesome.

Here are the basics: for thirty days, your diet should only consist of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, and fats/oils. That rules out dairy, legumes, soy, grains, and sugar — and any food or food product that has any of those things. It also rules out mystery ingredients with names that no one can pronounce.

It sounds pretty limiting and in fact, it is. But how much of our daily diet is actually clean basic natural real recognizable food? I know Twinkies taste delicious but have you ever heard a tiny voice in the back of your head asking…what is this? Whole30 is meant to get back to the basics of what people need to eat for their bodies to run at an optimum level.

Now, it’s only for thirty days — Whole365 is not a thing that people do. And you can read why and learn a TON more about Whole30 at the website that started it all: http://whole9life.com/start/.

So check it out! Read all about it and if you’re still interested, come back tomorrow!


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