Day 2/30

The Mister and I went to bed hungry last night so I woke up ravenous! That Southwestern Frittata I wrote about yesterday, the one that was supposed to hold us for three days? Yeah, we finished it this morning. When you think about it though, it had 12 eggs in it so divided between two people on two days means we each “only” had three eggs a piece. Oh well — I’m not worried. It was tasty, we were hungry, and we ate it!

For lunch I packed double salads. I ate the first one, had a peach and some blueberries, then picked out all the goodies from the second salad, leaving only the lettuce. I was pretty hungry within a few hours so I”m going to add more chicken when we have it. We have a few avocados ripening on the window sill and I can’t wait until they’re ready. Yum and yum.

I followed this recipe for dinner: pan seared Creole tilapia. It wasn’t pan seared so much as cooked on a grill pan from Ikea but it still tasted really good! I’m not a fish person so that was going to be part of the challenge about Whole30, but this tilapia brought no flavor of its own so it just took on the taste of the spices. The texture was nice, too; it was white and flaky and just a little bit firm. I sometimes like salmon but now I think I prefer tilapia 🙂 The recipe was great but next time I’d halve it because each piece of fish had a lot of spice on it. I’m wimpy when it comes to spices so I was sweating just a little but they say spicy foods help reduce stress so yay me. On the side I made asparagus by simmering for a few minutes while the fish was cooking. The timing was nearly perfect and start to finish, I probably spent 25 minutes prepping and cooking dinner. Asparagus instructions here.

We were still hungry after dinner so I tried making kale chips. We bought packaged kale from Trader Joe’s and I just ripped that up, tossed it by hand with a bit of coconut oil (again, this stuff smells soooo good!) and then laid it out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I sprinkled it with our new Adobo spice mix (made by Goya) and baked it for 10 minutes at 375F. It was pretty good — my husband kept saying it was bitter and not very good yet he ate more than half the bowl…hmm, suspicious 🙂 That didn’t fill us up though so then we gorged on blueberries. As I write this post, my tummy still isn’t completely full…or maybe it is and I just haven’t realized what not overeating feels like!

I had a few cups of Lemon Lift tea at the office today but I’ve felt peppy the whole day through. Whether that’s the Whole30 already or just a coincidence, I ain’t complaining. And I had one very serious moment of soul searching: when a coworker brought back Ho-Ho’s from their lunch break. Yesterday Twinkies returned to stores so there’s been a lot of talk about those and then when he showed up with Ho-Ho’s, I wanted one BADLY. Then I thought about how it’s only day two and that I am committed to this challenge and am leaving no room for mess ups (if I did, I would cheat, absolutely). Then I imagined eating a Ho-Ho and how it would probably be a let down and the craving passed. Phew!

How about you? Any cravings yet? Let me know in the comments!


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