Day 4/30

Today was better! For breakfast, all my husband and I had time to eat was a shared mango. I made hard-boiled eggs for some more protein to keep us full but…they turned out to be soft-boiled eggs! Oops 🙂 I was too impatient to let the eggs reach a boil before turning off the heat. It was funny — my husband rapped one of the eggs to crack the shell and peel it…and out oozed a bright white-and-yellow gooey yolk! After that debacle, we had to head to work but the mango almost lasted me until lunch. My tummy was getting grumbly so I bought a banana from my office’s deli and enjoyed some iced coffee, sans cream or sweetener. For comparison purposes, I used to have three eggs and two slices of toast or a huge bowl of Cinnamon Life for breakfast and I was still hungry by 11:30am. I thought I would be ravenous on half a mango but I was okay. That’s progress!!

For lunch, I had a salad with chicken breast, asparagus on the side, and some blueberries. I was distracted by Facebook and texting on my break so I had some asparagus back at my desk and got some strange looks. Granted, those who thought I was weird confessed that their lunch consisted of a Cherry Pop-Tart, so I didn’t feel too bad about it 🙂

Dinner went over like gangbusters! We had a Crock Pot pork stew; the amazing recipe is from Nom Nom Paleo which has been a great resource for me. My husband and I both had multiple servings and I’m truly, truly full, which is a great feeling.

our pork stew

our pork stew

I was a little droopy today but that improved with some caffeine, my first coffee all week. We got nine hours of sleep last night (we looooove sleeping) but the night before was not restful so maybe I’m still a little behind. Overall, we feel pretty good!

Sidebar: my husband went out with friends after work today and was pretty good: he had oysters instead of fries or nachos, which is definitely a change for him! He did have a glass of wine but it was well-deserved, and we all just do the best we can, right?


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