Day 5/30

Completely unrelated to Whole30, can I just complain about the heat wave the east coast is currently enduring? It felt like 98F today — I just checked. I’m not a summer person by any means so when it’s this hot (and HUMID), it seriously bums me out.

Anywho, the rundown: breakfast was a hard boiled egg with an avocado. Little weird, but that’s what we had. Lunch was leftover stew from yesterday which was still super tasty. I had another hard boiled egg on the side with some baby carrots and that held me over until dinner which was….leftover stew! The stew’s gone now though — three pounds of pork shoulder consumed by two people in two days. Should I be embarrassed? I’m not. That was some good stuff, man!

I also whipped up a side of sweet potato hash to have on the side. I grated half a sweet potato into a frying pan that had a tablespoon of coconut oil and some chopped onions. I let that fry up for a few minutes until the sweet potatoes were crispy, almost like hashbrowns. The oil imparted a really nice but subtle coconut flavor and I scarfed the dish down. We had a few blueberries later, and I had a kiwi. Gotta love those little hairy things.

I feel pretty good, and my husband says he has more energy. Then again, it’s summer vacation for him so that might help by itself, haha.

Here’s the big crisis of conscience: my husband just got a full-time teaching job which was two years in the making. Months ago, as he sent out resume after resume, the thought that encouraged him (honestly, probably more than anything else) was the promise that we could go to Fogo de Chao for dinner when he got a job. Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse where gauchos serve all the meat you can handle. There is a salad bar but all my temptations will be there: cheese, dinner rolls, a dessert table… If I can just stick with the meat and salad bar, I’ll be okay, even though they’re probably not cooking the meat in a Whole30-compliant oil, and I’m sure none of the dressings are okay either. is pretty clear about cheating: they say DON’T DO IT. AT ALL. They say even a bite can ruin the whole anti-inflammation/healing thing we’re working on. That’s a total bummer because there is no chance we will be going elsewhere for dinner, and there’s no chance that the food at Fogo is compliant. So looks like I will be cheating after all…but at least I’m not happy about it? I’m going to stick just to salad and meat. NO bread. NO booze. NO garlic whipped potatoes. NO dessert. NO cheese cubes. I’m going to be big and strong and do my best under the circumstances. I knew this wouldn’t be a perfect Whole30 from the start…I mean, we’re going to Myrtle Beach for vacay on Day 26 and rules will be broken. Anyway, the beauty of Whole30 is that you can do it whenever you want, as many times as you want. We’ve already learned quite a few lessons, and I know there’s more to come. So what I’m saying is this: while I’m disappointed that these thirty days won’t be flawless, I’m not giving up and letting anything go. I’m going to try my best and be kind to myself.


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