Days 6&7/30

I’ll just come right out and say it: today I broke Whole30 and had papaya cream for dessert (gasp!). We were out celebrating my husband’s new job at Fogo de Chao with his parents and I was good during the salad bar though the dressings were an issue; under the circumstances I chose the best I could and went with a Green Goddess dressing. For the record, there was a cheese wheel 24 inches wide that people could just hack pieces from. There were also mashed potatoes, caramelized bananas and dinner rolls at our table, right in front of me but nope, I resisted. Everyone had mojitos then wine but I just sipped seltzer and lime. The main course was delicious: MEAT. I looked it up and the meat from Fogo de Chao was compliant because they just salt it and then cook it over an open fire on a spit. I ate until I was full……and maybe a little beyond that point. When dessert came around, I knew I was going to be tempted and everyone was ordering so I figured, why not? I said no to the turtle cheesecake, no to the chocolate lava cake, no to the other sugar-bombs and decided to split the papaya cream with my husband. I thought that the dish would be slices of papaya with a scoop of ice cream but instead the fruit was blended into ice cream. Anyway, I had several bites and then put my spoon down. It was good but not great, and I think that not having sugar or dairy for the past 5 days has already changed my tastes. I was satisfied with just tasting it and I didn’t need to finish the whole thing and lick the bowl. I felt okay with that cheat and, while I know it’ll set me back on my goals, Whole30 continues and I don’t feel tempted to cheat again.

For day 7, breakfast was the same old, same old: an egg-and-veggie-scramble. I also had a banana. For lunch I made some paleo mayo and used it to make some chicken salad that we put on top of cucumber slices. For dinner, my husband cooked up some Jennie-O turkey burgers and we topped them with compliant pickles, onions, our mayo and some avocado. I’m still hungry but I can’t even look at a salad right now.

So it’s been a week! My thoughts so far? Well, my favorite pair of capris felt looser around my waist, which is nice…then again, maybe they just haven’t been in the dryer for awhile 🙂 I’ve been sleeping through the night recently which is new and nice; previously, I would usually wake up around 4 or 5am and use the bathroom or my cat would paw my face to wake me up to pet her. If she’s been doing that lately, I haven’t noticed. In terms of my skin/hair, I haven’t seen any differences yet. My energy level was pretty low today but honestly, I think that’s from my sweet cheat last night. I think my body was surprised to have a sudden surge of sugar and so I wasn’t super perky today.

Whole30 hasn’t been easy so far but it hasn’t been the hardest thing ever, either. For us to have a better week I think we need to do more prep work, buy more food, buy a larger variety of food, and have bigger meals. I’m hungry 80% of my day and I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to be. Wish us luck for week two!


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