Days 10&11

Whole30 went a little smoother for us these past two days. We realized we had to double our efforts and keep cooking and cleaning and prepping food. We made the Southwestern frittata again for breakfast which makes things easy in the morning. Lunches continue to be  boring salads but dinner last night was good! It was salmon with Montreal steak seasoning with sweet potato fries and roasted mushrooms on the side. Tonight we are having pork loin with roasted broccoli and I will be attempting to make ranch dressing for some baby carrots.

We continue to be hungry but we realized we were having more fruits than veggies so we’re going to try and reverse that. I prefer fruit myself (peaches, cherries, apples, a banana if it’s been in the fridge) but fruit is higher in sugar (albeit natural sugar) and therefore, carbs. Vegetables keep you fuller longer and those greens are full of all sorts of goodies so if we learn one thing from Whole30, hopefully it will be to love veggies more!

Moment of pride: someone brought cake in to the office today. It wasn’t any old cake: it was my favorite: Funfetti with vanilla frosting. I watched my coworkers eat slice after slice and was this close to actually drooling. Somehow I didn’t end up eating a slice but right now…honestly? I wish I had. SO DELICIOUS. Self, hang in there!


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