Days 12&13

Friday was exciting because we had lunch out at a local Philly place called Honeygrow. They serve salads, stir fry and fruit parfaits and all are made to order using touchscreens. I had a romaine-baby spinach salad with tons of veggies and grilled chicken breast, eggs, and bacon. I’ll admit that I didn’t ask what oil they used when they cooked the chicken or whether there was sugar in the bacon but it was a very healthy lunch nonetheless and was probably 98% compliant so I feel okay about it. I know it sounds like maybe I am getting used to “cheating” with more frequency but I’m doing the best I can without being super-intense about the diet. Since I’m already frequently hungry, I figure that if I didn’t bend the rules, I’d just about starve somedays 🙂

Today my husband and I tried out an awesome place called The Head Nut. They sell nuts (surprise!), coffee beans, loose leaf teas, chocolate covered everything, bulk spices, strange cooking things, fancy sauces/chutneys/condiments plus tons more. We tried some macadamias, which are highly recommended on Whole30, as well as almonds and cashews. Mmm 🙂 We’ll be munching (in moderation) for days. We also bought some dried figs just to try them. They were okay but in my opinion, they venture a bit far into the “tastes like a raisin” territory so I wasn’t super into them. Apparently they are excellent wrapped in bacon or prosciutto so we might try that sometime. 

For dinner tonight (Saturday), I whipped up a random stir fry with veggies we had in the fridge. We bought stir fry strips of beef from the grocery store (yay for BOGOs!) and I cooked them with strips of green pepper, onion, mushroom, celery, and sugar snap peas. Since soy sauce is obviously out, I used a few splashes of fish sauce instead. For spices, I added a scoop of minced garlic, some crushed red pepper, ginger and S&P. I was wary of how it would actually taste but my husband had two servings so I guess it was okay 🙂

We’re still working on eating more veggies and decreasing our fruit intake but we love our fruit so that’s been difficult. Plus it’s easier to just grab a banana/apple/peach than it is to grab a stalk of broccoli…at least for us it is. I’m used to eating vegetables with ranch or hummus or cheese or something to jazz it up so it’s been a change just having them plain. Hopefully I will learn to love it before these thirty days are up.


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