Day 16

Another regular ‘ol day on Whole30. Eggs and veggies for breakfast, a salad and chicken sausage for lunch, and leftover pork stew for dinner. Felt hungry all day. Tired because I work up at 4:30am with a stomachache (from the fish? from the mushrooms? from the seasoning? ugh, I don’t know). So today was nothing to write home about, as they say.

We’re over halfway through Whole30 and it’s hard to say what exactly is different. I can feel and see that I’ve lost weight and I think my husband has too. I don’t have the “2pm” crash anymore (no 5 Hour Energy needed!) and I make it from breakfast to lunch without snacking. My skin seems to glow a bit and it has less of a red tinge to it, which I am feeling good about. 

In other news…I am getting excited about the idea of adding certain foods back into our diet, ie crusty bread and hard cheese. Mmmm….


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